#CloudBlending at Gulfood 2018. An end-to-end solution to launch new products

#CloudBlending at Gulfood 2018. An end-to-end solution to launch new products

Test it now under a pay-per-use model to develop new ranges for vegan foods, dairy, cheese, or ice cream

If you are not yet familiar with #CloudBlending, Gulfood 2018 is the place. From the 18th to 22nd our team of cloudblenders will be visiting the event and available to introduce to you our innovative business model.

Food companies struggle on a daily basis with situations such as the lost of competitiveness of a product in the market, the need to explore new trends and countries with new ranges, the desire of expanding into new categories or products without committing production capacity of their current facilities. #CloudBlending is a global outsourcing solution to all these needs.

They can use the model to define or create new products -even complete ranges. And a good option to start is testing it in categories such as vegan foods, dairy, cheese, or ice cream where Blendhub, the company boosting #CloudBlending, has over 20 years experience.

#CloudBlending gives any company in the agrifood sector access to a global, standardized and pay-per-use platform to create, customize and launch powder based food products. From the idea to the market, anywhere in the world. It helps you to define the product you need, at the price you need it, to introduce it where and when you need, with Blendhub quality – a global online control system where you track every batch, anytime.

It is a tool that enhances collaboration, optimizes relationships within the value chain and creates shared value to offer final consumers the diet they demand. All this is possible by bringing together the know-how of a community of food professionals and a network of production centers or hubs.

For vegan products

Just Eat named Veganism as a top consumer trend in 2018. Currently, 2/3 of the world’s populations are lactose-intolerant. And consumers are becoming more aware of health and ethical lifestyle choices.

According to Mintel, 11% of the products launched to the market carried vegetarian claims last year.
If you want to position yourself in this trend. If you wish to introduce competitive products such as plant-based milks, yogurt, or desserts in the market in a record time and adapted to local market considerations, #CloudBlending is your solution.

For dairy products

Driven by negative health perceptions, reduced retail prices and exports and a growing number of non-dairy alternatives, dairy market has declined in recent years. Specially in western countries. Mintel projects a drop of a 11% through 2020.
Are you looking to improve your dairy portfolio? #CloudBlending is the perfect solution to carry out some market tests. Use it to create new applications and more price-competitive products.

For cheese alternatives

Poweder solutions allow food producers to create competitive products in categories such as cream or spreadable cheese – one of the growing categories in emerging markets. Also, pizza cheese or sliced cheese. Both including dairy protein or vegan alternatives.

If you are interested in this market, #CloudBlending is the perfect solution for you.

For ice cream

If you are thinking in exploring new ice-cream products without committing your production lines, #CloudBlending is the solution. Test new products with low investment in external facilities or explore foreign markets producing locally.


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About Blendhub

has developed #CloudBlending, a relational business model which gives access to a global, standardized and pay-per-use platform to create, customize and launch powder based food products from the idea to the market. It also helps agrifood companies to access new commercial niches and markets anywhere in the world, without initial investments. CloudBlending is a tool aligned with the company's purpose: "Feeding the global population, leaving hunger behind".