Who are #Cloudblending Food Designers?


Members of our global community with thousands of international food industry experts

Freelance food formulators, passionate about innovation and the global reach of their recipes.

Always exploring ways to improve their formulations and application technology, in traditional and new food segments.

Always exploring ways to improve their formulations and applications, including into new segments:











How do they work?

  • Food Designers develop food recipes, production processes and other application info to food producers
  • Blendhub produce the food powder blends for interested customers on a global scale
  • Food Designers license their IP through Blendhub; their revenue is based on the ongoing sales of the formulation
  • Blendhub is responsible for the validation of recipes and raw materials, as well as for production and supply of formulations
  • Food Designers are committed to giving customers outstanding technical support of their formulations, ensuring ongoing revenue streams


How do they benefit?

  • Food Designers promote their own recipes and know-how directly to potential customers or through the community
  • Formulations can be produced and delivered anywhere around the world, using our global production network
  • Blendhub ensure protection and confidentiality of all formulations and negotiate NDAs between Designer and customer

#CloudBlending Community: Kirit Patel


Kirit Patel, formulator working in the Dairy industry, talks about his relationship with Blendhub and about the benefits of the #CloudBlending Community for the professionals who work independently in the agri-food industry.

#CloudBlending Community: Frank Lichtmess


Frank is a very creative and ambitious formulator who has significant knowledge of cheese formulations and he decided to become a member of the #CloudBlending Community. In this video he explains why.

#CloudBlending Community: Óscar Pérez & Humberto Cerdio


The founders of Food Networking Consulting, Umberto Cerdio and Óscar Pérez, have discovered a new way to access know-how, commercial support and technology in the #CloudBlending Community. They have moved beyond selling “paper recipes” to offer to their customers complete solutions.

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