Connecting talent. Open Innovation in a Knowledge Flow Context

Connecting talent. Open Innovation in a Knowledge Flow Context

When talking about innovation, one of the challenges for companies is to pick up and connect the talent, ideas and knowledge. They are flowing everywhere. John Hagel, co-author of The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion, discusses in the video below about it. Companies must actively look for external knowledge to connect talent of passionate people, he says. Open Innovation is a useful resource to locate external know-how and innovate.

We have moved from creating economic value by generating stocks of knowledge, protect them to extract their value and bring it to the marketplace to another based on the diverse knowledge flow model. Open Innovation can help with some of the challenges of this new paradigm.

The challenges

  • Increasing pressure: Since talent is flowing everywhere, competition is harder and innovation cycles need to be shortened.
  • The need for new organizational and corporate culture within companies to participate in a diverse knowledge flow model.
  • New environments for pull based institutions in which individuals do not just follow instructions, but take the initiative to address uncertainty and unexpected.
  • Connect people who shares a passion and who wants to give a response to those things that challenge them to the next level.


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