Feeding the global population,
leaving hunger behind.

With a growing population -expected to reach 9 billion by 2050-, an unequal access to adequate nutrition, and a broken system where we waste 1/3 of the produced food after consuming 70% of the water resources, Blendhub believes that food powder is the base to feed the global population and leave hunger behind.


Our solution
Fresh food is a limited resource, in most cases not sustainable to produce, stock or transport, and which is not available for everybody. Food powder, however, can provide high quality products for the different population groups, no matter what their income or needs are. It allows customization covering different nutritional requirements.


Food powder offers a global individualized diet for everyone overcoming the different inefficiencies in the food chain while and creating local value.


Imagine the possibilities! We can create enriched foods, allergen free products, diet food, sports nutrition alternatives…, among many other options.


Food powder is the base to feed a worldwide
growing population while reducing waste