A network of hubs to generate local value through a global production system.

Access to the #CloudBlending network and take advantage of the 4.0 industry.


All the hubs are connected online supporting a quality control system in the cloud, from the raw material to the product output. Each hub is a node of a global network to produce powder based food anywhere in the world.

Inside the hubs

The ideation center

To develop and customize products

The validation center

Including pilot plants for industrial trials

The production center

With one or more units: Internationally patented portable and modular factories for blending food powder.

The Corner

An open space to boost collaboration with other companies or individuals, innovate and create shared value. A replicable model to produce on convenience close to the raw materials or the delivery points and go anywhere in the world.

The place where ideas become true.
Go to new markets with no CAPEX