Why food powders?

We face a growing population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 with unequal access to nutrition.
1/3 of the food we produce is wasted, after requiring 70% of our water resources
At Blendhub we believe that food powders are essential to improve the efficiency and fair distribution of food – to feed the world and leave hunger behind.

Fresh food has seasonal uncertainty, is expensive to stock and transport and has a short shelf life. Therefore it is not always available to everybody.

Food powder provides high quality, safe products for everyone, no matter their income, geography or specific needs. It allows customization, covering different nutritional requirements.

Food powders are a sustainable addition to fresh. They can be combined with fresh raw materials for individualized diets, for any person, anywhere. With localized production we create local value with local raw materials at optimal cost.


Imagine the possibilities! Together we can create enriched foods, allergen-free products, diet food, sports nutrition alternatives… the options are endless.

How we make food powders available anywhere for everyone

#CloudBlending is the world’s first decentralized network of food powder production hubs

Around the world, food producers, food designers, raw material producers and other key players do better business with our global network of manufacturing hubs, benefiting from our technology and the highest quality standards.

We optimize the end price of food products by;

  • removing costs that don’t add value;
  • improving formulations with corresponding raw materials, and;
  • streamlining the end-to-end supply chain.


This way, we ensure safe and sustainable food products to more people, in more places.

Blendhub brings Industry 4.0 to the agri-food value chain. We use technology to optimize production and create shared value upstream and downstream.
Made possible with our distributed

ton factory

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