A unique solution to ideate, test,
validate and launch food products
faster, safer and cheaper.

A complete solution to design, blend and deliver powdered ingredients, food and beverages anywhere

How you can benefit from our services

What #CloudBlending can do for your business

Enter new markets

Global/Local sourcing and production

Scalable production

Go bigger (or smaller) with no CAPEX

Launch products fast

Develop/improve recipes

Flexible production

Easily manage allergens, new trends, product testing

Contingency plan

Assure your business

Tailor-made services in a pay-per-use system

Available worldwide through our network of Production Hubs

Blending + Packaging + Quality Control

  • High-performance blending guaranteeing best homogeneity.
  • Proprietary technology in Quality Control ensuring authenticity of ingredients, recipes and maximum safety.
  • Export-grade 15-25kg bags.


  • Ingredient sourcing driven by Data Analysis, securing the best tariffs and pricing.
  • Internal validation processes ensure that every ingredient fits the functional, nutritional and quality specifications of the final product.

Recipe development

  • Whether you need to adapt your original recipe, or you want to create a new one from the beginning, we support you all the way.
  • We match recipes to your requirements and customise them according to your needs, using our experience in the powder food industry and a global community of expert food designers.

Custom packaging

  • We work with world-class partners in retail and non-retail packaging options, tailored to customers’ needs.

Contingency solutions

  • Insure your business before any eventuality. We can provide you with a backup production line, or help you manage production peaks.

Market access

  • We leverage our expertise as locals to connect you with trusted companies across the globe, helping you trail a complete path to market.

Helping you to produce food and nutrition in any segment including:

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Use our expertise to launch new products



Recipes produced







Use our expertise in food production


Recipes produced



Food Producers

Launch new products with minimal investment and risk.

Food Designers

Generate new and constant income with your formulas.

Ingredient Producers

Step up your offering and add value to your portfolio.



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