#Cloudblending is Food Industry 4.0

Our unique, patented Portable Powder Blending unit is a key element in our decentralized manufacturing model.

One-entry point

  • Modular, portable and compact design
  • You can validate your recipe and raw materials and sell immediately anywhere in the world

Fast deployment

  • Time to market in only six months


  • Fully operational factory in less than a week

High capacity

  • Each unit produces thousands of tons of blends per year
  • Need more capacity? We add extra units

High flexibility

  • Test new markets with small, quick production batches
  • Adapt products to individual needs
  • Make instant changes in formulation and raw materials
  • Scale production to your demand

Same standards, same quality – everywhere

Blendhub ensures a perfect network replication of our manufacturing hubs and all blending, packaging and quality operations.


We use the latest technology in end-to-end control and monitoring, from building selection and preparation, to plant construction and all the way to the final food product.


  • Speed and accuracy in construction and production to market
  • Top-quality infrastructures and processes in the entire global network
  • One single validation point for global network approval
  • Improved costs all the way, farm-to-table

Quality Assurance

We take food safety to a new level.


Using the latest technology, our systems apply advanced statistic methods to build a unique and reliable fingerprint of every raw material and blended product in our plants. They assure a fine control of compounds and blends’ identity and homogeneity.

Our systems:

– Identify and trace all raw materials
– Control and evaluate every step of the blending process in real time
– Store and manage spectra for analysis and comparisons

Data Analytics

Blendhub is committed with providing the best guidance to our customers in all their business decision-making.


Blendhub Digital Suite is a range of cloud-based applications for internal use that gathers and analyses real-time data from more than 30 sources of business and trade information.

We use this data to identify the best location for manufacturing and distributing your products.

The applications allow us to:

  • Discover raw materials´ trading patterns, estimated prices, transport and tariff costs, so we help make better Sourcing decisions.
  • Simulate business cases for any formula in any country
  • Identify which new products to launch, when to do it, and for which market.
  • The in-deep analytic capabilities provided by Blendhub Digital Suite, combined with our 20+ years of experience in the food industry, is what makes #Cloudblending your best ally in finding great business opportunities all over the globe.

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