Esther Trujillo, an independent expert in value alignment who joined forces with Blendhub in a unique food industry network

Esther Trujillo, an independent expert in value alignment who joined forces with Blendhub in a unique food industry network

Agri-food companies operate in a highly strategic and complex sector, but also in a very dynamic and fast changing environment, where they constantly are faced with challenges to satisfy the needs of an everyday more demanding individual consumer, but also general issues like sustainability, ethics, transparency, digitalization, and market localization. This requires for lots of new talent and many times coming from outside the agrifood industry itself. For that reason, when Blendhub decided to create a sectorial ecosystem for agri-food professionals, we had no doubt that it should be based on an open and inclusive model, with experts from any area of expertise who were ready add real value to both themselves and Blendhub, and the industry and the final consumer in general.

Esther Trujillo is an experienced professional who has been working in developing companies’ identity and values, and she is an example of how professionals from complete different sectors and backgrounds can help agri-food companies to improve their offering and create new value for all stakeholders in an ethic and sustainable way.

I met Esther myself back in 2013 and we agreed that she should help us to shape the Mission, Vision, and Values of our group of companies and, ever since, she is a consolidated member of our Blendhub Professional Network (BPN), with a Specialized Advisor agreement. This is just one of the many different roles we have established for independent professionals interested in collaborating with Blendhub with the objective to create mutual business opportunities and shared value. This working model allows us to have the best talent within Blendhub, and also offer these experts a win-to-win agreement in exchange. The Specialty advisor role employed by Esther has the objective to provide us with a service based on her specific skills and know-how adding tangible value to our companies.

Our networkers can at the same time grow through BPN professionally and build a stable relationship with Blendhub based on previously agreed goals. Our networkers acknowledge the benefits of the collaboration with a very innovative company like Blendhub with nearly 20 years history and a global network in the agri-food industry as well as the opportunities our network offers to connect with other types of experts to share ideas, experiences, and work opportunities without losing their independence and refreshing input from outside into a specific company structure.

Food Powder #CloudBlending Anywhere

By partnering with experts such as Esther, Blendhub can constantly add new talent in this industry and receive a very interesting external vision with the objective to improve our value proposition hosting Food Formulations B2B2C for anybody on our food powder #CloudBlending hubs Anywhere.

The role of the specialized advisor is just one of the ways professionals can join BPN and collaborate with us in the creation of shared value upstream and downstream the agri-food industry value chain knowing well that the food powder blends category is located just in the middle, between raw material producers and branded food producers. We have also defined multiple other relationships, including a global channel to market going through valued specialized advisors, business partners, agents, formulators or opportunity brokers. We consider them all part pf our ecosystem because they believe in what we believe.

At Blendhub we are actively searching for people and companies who match these profiles and who are ready to work together to accelerate the implantation of food powder #CloudBlending hubs Anywhere.

If you are interested in collaborating with us and joining our BPN, I encourage you to watch the following video where Esther Trujillo explains her experience, how and why she joined BPN and how she feels about the collaboration with Blendhub today, after several years.

BPN Esther Trujillo SUB ESP from Blendhub on Vimeo.

Thanks to Esther Trujillo our company has been moving fast forward in the articulation of the vision of our organization: allowing eating and the right nutrition for anybody, anywhere by “leading a change in the agri-food value chain that enables access to basic food stuffs to be more just and safer, reaching more people in more places”. She has also worked with myself and our teams in the implementation of our values, and as she says, “through real behaviors, methodologies, and a very consistent approach”. At present, Esther is working part-time as our VAO = Value Alignment Officer and my personal advisor on Corporate Identity and value communication inside and outside Blendhub.

Today, we are very proud of being able to define ourselves as a company which understand “that the creation of sustainable value have to include everybody in the value chain from farm to table”. This is our main driver in our daily work.

If you believe what we believe let´s join forces and make the movement stronger everyday!